All kinds of fruit teas are served using Cold-Brew Nitro, unlike any other, with the unique identity of Baobing shaved ice. They have a soft and smooth taste and the appearance of Bao Bing makes each serving cute. Each customer will smile and enjoy the experience.

       We offer homemade Gelato such as Taiwanese tea, Royal Thai tea, Rose tea, Matcha tea and many other flavors. Choose your level of sweetness using Coconut Sugar instead of regular sugar, which will not cause high blood sugar. Sweet, but healthy!

       Highlights of the store also include specifically chosen premium quality tea leaves imported mainly from Taiwan and China, and soft, Black Brown Sugar pearls, from Taiwan.

       Our syrups are made from real fruit, Pink Salt Cream Cheese, and made fresh every day, emphasizing homemade strengths and differences from other brands on the market. Taiwan.

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Nitro Cold Brew Tea

The First in Thailand

Premium Ingredient

Imported from Taiwan & China

Coconut sugar Gelato

Sweet, but healthy