The owner was inspired to open the shop because of their love and passion for tea and desserts. The owner traveled to Taiwan to study and understand more about Taiwanese milk tea and Baobing-style ice (also called Baobing, Boabing and Bingsu) from Korea. Going to the source is where one can taste the most authentic and original teas and desserts, and where they are the most delicious. The owners knew they must go to visit the true tea shops in the foreign countries of their origin, namely Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan.

The owners worked diligently, studying with Taiwanese teachers, Chinese teachers, and Thai teachers to develop their own special recipes for the cafe. The highlight of the shop is the concept of

“ Drink tea, feel young and have fun with us ”

“ Tea to Make You Young and Fun! ”

ERR chooses to use premium quality tea. Most of the teas are imported from Taiwan and China. The tea leaves are inspected to guarantee good quality. This ensures it tastes just like drinking the teas from the original shops in Taiwan and China. Additionally, the shop also offers more than 50 different drinks, including Taiwanese tea, Hong Kong tea, Royal Thai tea, Indian tea, and very delicious fruit teas.

Meet the Dragons


ERR has created 4 dragons.

Ohki (blue dragon)
Nobi (green dragon)
Lui Lui (pink dragon)
Ali (orange dragon)

These wonderful dragon characters decorate the shop and decorate the sweet menu, creating our own unique brand and identity. Each Character has its own story to tell.

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“ We Love to Make Tea and Desserts! ”